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Feel free to scroll through my art!

And please, do NOT copy, trace, or steal my artwork. I'm sure you can come up with good ideas OTHER than just stealing them. They're just going to waste your time, so best not to do it. :/



Request: Open. (Only 1 per person.)
Art Trades: Open.
Commissions: Open. You can just donate me 5 points now.

What I will draw:

Anything you like.

What will I NOT draw?

Offending art, hate art, any type of fetish art, porn, sex art, etc, etc.


Other talented works by other people! Do check their works as well. c:


justanotherangrybird has started a donation pool!
154 / 1,000
yEAH I RARELY COME HERE but points are appreciated! I can help other artists and get Point Commissions! :D


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art

The name's Dania and I'm just a girl who likes drawing limbless birds as well as other things related to my interests. My art is mainly Angry Birds, but there is a section for of course, for other fandoms I'm also in, so feel free to peek in my gallery and fav whatever interests you. Also I'm from Pakistan and a Muslim, as well.

Also unnecessary drama will not be spared here. Thank you.

Anyways, have fun!

Also on the side note: When it comes to pairings, of ANY fandom I'm in, I usually don't mind any type, (underrated or overrated), PROVIDED the fact it's not anything creepy, like ___ (child) x ______ (adult) in a ROMANTIC way as well. Please, that is just something intolerable in my eyes. If you make them platonic, I won't mind. Heck, I might even ship them with you! But please, no child x adult romantic pairings for me haha

I'm available on other sites too!

Tumblr: (Main Blog): (Art tag: #Nurd draws and #Nurd's art)

I have two accounts that are rather private. I won't add you if I don't you.


I'm sorry I haven't been online lately. School and Mid Terms have been eating up my time lately.
I'll be free after the 19th, so I'll start posting art peacefully in that date. I have some ideas for Angry Birds, Cookie Run, and other as well...
Also expect art soon, I did manage to upload a few on Twitter, so expect them soon up on dA, Insta and Tumblr as well.
I'm back after a long ass while. My Dad kept delaying to fix my laptop charger, which explained why I was not here. ANYWAYS I'm back.
Any Avenged Sevenfold fans here? Kinda wanna now who they are.…
Compilation of tweets I did for this AB/Pokemon idea I had in mind. 
[Angry Birds Fans Only.]
First of all, there's an art thief:
So far the user's art that has been stolen is jexxered, sgm808 and carol-bb but please, be sure to have a noticeable signature on your art so it can combat your art getting stolen.

Secondly, a HUGE competition teaser announced:…
(( I'm hoping a drawing one, THOSE ARE THE ONLY ONE I'M ACTUALLY GOOD AT LOL.))

That's all. Have a nice day.
(Spoilers to the Angry Birds Movie. Look at your own risk.)
Gale has a boyfriend? Since when?
If you're referring to that scene where she's talking to that bird, I don't think he/they are her boyfriend. I HIGHLY doubt it. It's the same with Terence x Matilda, (Teretilda just for the sake of the ship name.) I mean, it's not necessarily romantically supposed. EVEN if it was, I'm sure as all hell I wouldn't see Terence grumpy af around Matilda.
I'm a Gale x Terence shipper, so yeah. It's not that I hate the ships or anything, not at all, it's just that I find it a bit absurd what people think that Teretilda or Gale x that other bird is canon or something.
Ramadan? More like Rama-I'm thirsty as all hell-dan.
Watched the Angry Birds Movie. I was disappointed that Silver, Ruby, Tony and Ice Bird didn't appear, but oh well, that's all for (maybe) a next sequel.

Anyways, the movie in general was really good. Most of the comedy was hilarious, (though some of it was a bit dry, and Rovio should work on them) as well as I liked the story. It was more fleshed out in my opinion, rather than just being "lol pigs just stole the eggs".

I would talk about more, but that would spoil some scenes, and seeing the movie hasn't reached the whole world YET, I'm keeping my mouth shut for now.
Jesus Christ every social media site I join, I NEVER change my icon. Not here, not on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.
If that's not laziness I don't know what is c':
//36-40 degrees Celsius here in Karachi
"...Anyone else roasting like shishkebabs here?"
also Season 3 finale of AB Toons is cute as fuck. 


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